Spines of Books with LGBTQ+ Identities

About BBH Pride

Our mission is to promote awareness, instill acceptance, promote inclusiveness, and foster a welcoming community for all LGBTQ+ individuals, young and old, as well as those considering making Brecksville-Broadview Heights their home.

We serve the community through educational events, meetings, lectures, training, and other resources in order to expand understanding of and empathy for the daily and overall challenges LGBTQ+ individuals face — and we feel strongly that ultimately, this understanding helps save lives our community to feel safe and included.

Our Goals for the Future of LGBTQ+

Be a community that is welcoming and supportive of LGBTQ+ visitors and neighbors.

To provide resources that inform on LGBTQ+ issues including social, residential, legal, and emotional conflict.

Foster unbiased understanding, empathy and inclusiveness for everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
Help interested city officials and local leaders better understand how their actions affect the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals.
Grow our cities into secure places where our LGBTQ+ youth can come out safely, live their authentic lives, and thrive.
Be a community that LGBTQ+ adults seek out to comfortably make their home, with the assurance that their neighbors will treat them as they do any other family.
Help achieve the ultimate goal of lowering the alarmingly high suicide and murder rates among LGBTQ+ individuals.
See Brecksville and Broadview Heights truly become places of real PRIDE, where we celebrate diversity and culture that all residents bring.

Your BBH Pride Team

We’ve enlisted BBH community members to become city leaders in the fight for equality.

These volunteers work to ensure the rights of LGBTQ+ residents are upheld, to help educate our neighbors, protect community youth as they grow, and bridge the gap between city lines. Our group is comprised of the following committees:

    • Training / Education / Legislation
    • Membership
    • Marketing
    • City Engagement
    • Support Groups
    • Special Events
    • Schools / Scholarships

    Interested in joining a committee? Reach out to start the conversation.

    BBH Pride Ally Workshop

    How to Get Involved with BBH Pride

    Looking to join our mission or support the BBH LGBTQ+ community? Here are some ways you can make a difference.
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    Join BBH Pride

    We have a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the year and are always happy to grow our family.
    How to Connect

    Educate Yourself

    Learning never stops. Browse our resources to familiarize yourself with the LGBTQ+ community.
    Start Learning

    Meet & Greets

    Let’s have some fun! We host events throughout the year – everything from workshops to Pride Fest.
    Join an Event

    What’s Going on at BBH Pride

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    Plexus Supports BBH Pride: An Open Letter

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    BBH Pride Fest Second Year: Talk of the Towns

    Read about the preparation and support we’ve received for our second annual BBH Pride Fest.
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    Dispelling the Rumors: BBH LGBTQ+ Residents Are Not ‘Groomers’

    Read a copy of this Letter to the Editor addressing the LGBTQ+ community and the idea of ‘grooming.’
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    Show Your Support BBH Pride

    As a nonprofit, we run on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. Your donation will allow us to continue our mission to fight for equality in Brecksville and Broadview Heights, spread LGBTQ+ education and bring our community together.

    Your gift is invaluable to our mission.